Crush and Other Love Poems for Girls

Crushcover*NEW* Second Edition

A book of honest, uplifting, and wholesome love poetry for preteen and teen girls, the boys who want to understand them, and nostalgic women. The second edition includes a bonus section with four new poems.

Praise for Crush and Other Love Poems for Girls:

–The Midwest Writing Center: “Jodie Toohey has offered this collection of accessible and uplifting poetry for the tween/teen girl or for those who want to reminisce on their first crush.”

–M. Throne, Author of Pocket of Pearls and Her Kind: “This is a heartfelt poetry book by a woman who will touch many teenage girls’ hearts, during their first crushes. It brings back memories to us all as adults and keeps us feeling young also.”

–T. Wilson: “Great for that FIRST LOVE. I got the book for my teenage daughter, of course I had to read it first. Oh, the MEMORIES of that first CRUSH. A great book of poems for the young (and not so young). Great book !!!!!!!!!!!!!”

–T. Smith: “This is a very thoughtful and insightful book. The book is a perfect gift for a young girl that is trying to figure out all those emotions that come with puberty or even an older girl that wants to remember all those former crushes. Very well written.”

–S. Powell: ” Every woman should read this. They will cry, like I did….”