Melody Madson – May It Please the Court?

Layout 1Melody Madson – May It Please the Court? is a story of a 16-year old genius attorney who must learn to survive in the adult world of law and litigation.


Melody Madson’s first few weeks at the law firm of Lazlo, Marshdon and Brown are spent in her office at her computer. Weeks pass before she finally gets her big break when senior partner, Dan Marshdon, assigns her first real case.

Melody’s relationship with her best friend, Jewel, becomes strained as Melody’s friendship with another associate at the firm, Maggie, advances and she develops romantic feelings for Dan’s son, Eric, but doesn’t discuss them with Jewel. Her feelings for Eric deepen, her relationship with Jewel goes on hiatus, the key medical record in her case is lost, and Melody feels her life is crumbling.

After working the entire weekend before trial, Melody finds the record but, before she can celebrate, the record thief catches her. Jewel attempts to free Melody but she is caught and the friends are tied to an office chair, driven out to the middle of nowhere, and left alone. Will they be able to save the case – or themselves?